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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Baoding Electric Valley International Hotel (Power Valley International Hotel Baoding), L'hotel si trova nella zona centrale di Baoding high tech Development Zone, con un comodo trasporto. Si trova a circa 16km da Pechino Kunming Expressway a nord e 13km da Pechino Hong Kong Macao Expressway in Oriente.
L'hotel è un hotel per l'energia solare investito e costruito dal gruppo Yingli. E'un edificio storico che combina perfettamente la modalità di applicazione del modulo delle celle solari con l'edificio. E' anche uno dei pochi hotel per il risparmio energetico e per l'ambiente al mondo.Si integra camere, catering, intrattenimento e conferenze internazionali, con più di 200 camere di vario tipo, complete strutture moderne e piani amministrativi per soddisfare le vostre diverse esigenze di viaggio.
Il ristorante occidentale 'Green Valley' è un ristorante aperto con molti paesaggi verdi, e l'ambiente da pranzo è tranquillo ed elegante.Fornire a buffet con diversi temi secondo la stagione, l'ambiente bello e pasti ragionevoli vi porterà il retrogusto senza fine.Il servizio di consegna può permettervi di gustare cibo delizioso nella vostra stanza.Un altro ristorante italiano cappuccino si trova sul lato sud del primo piano dell'hotel.Il ristorante cinese
Jinjiang'si è sempre attenuto al concetto di non mangiare di tanto in tanto, selezionando piatti cantonesi come cucina principale, le migliori otto cucine. Il super chef ha guidato il team di chef del premio d'oro per realizzare la perfetta festa d'arte che soddisfa tutte le vostre aspettative con squisite abilità culinarie.
Situato al 23esimo piano del piano amministrativo, il salone amministrativo copre un'area di 200 metri quadrati. Ha uno spazio privato e indipendente. La cortina di vetro solare e la finestra fanno sciogliere l'intero salone nella luce naturale. E'una buona scelta per discutere e raccogliere piccoli e riposo indipendente.
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  • daisy Yang Yang
    Convenient transportation and beautiful environment, excellent service, and travel preferences.
  • mawuyou
    Good hotel, convenient
  • wangyue_bj
    Other aspects are good. the main two points, one is bed no charge sheet. cell phone battery also now borrow the phone. Second, heating the room is too dry ... well if you have a humidifier.
  • jinlc168
    Small room, good facilities, large amount, next to the site is a bit noisy, service was very good, breakfast was good, so many Chinese cuisines, characteristic is not prominent, Nice.
  • e01356450
    Service very good warm home
    Perfect, make people feel very comfortable, the hotel offers a lot of facilities, the most joy or WIFI signal has been heard throughout the hotel covers the WIFI signal, but still so stable
  • adi_liu
    Nice environment
  • cindyli0404
    Valley service very helpful
  • beingc
    Hotel is the atmosphere ... great service, parking is very convenient
  • lycly0117
    Good environment, good service
  • malar
    Everything was very good
  • Nonasy
    Fit travel
  • apixy
    Sjsuuduudjjsjwiidididjdjjdjdjdjdj start
  • lovevala
    Well, every time the preferred
  • dylandong
    I in health and service two items Shang no to this hotel five points, only to has four points, reasons not in room aspects, and in Hotel II floor of Jinjiang restaurant, I and friends points has three a dish, dish volume is unlikely to, but which of a vegetarian in the actually eat out has Fishbone, five-star Ah, accident! is not others eat left of and pot took out sold, Shang table guest spit thorn spit crooked has fell to this plate in, or Hou kitchen spit thorn spit crooked has? so let withdrawal off this dish, and for has copies Palace burst chicken, more meaningOutside has, eat have process in the actually eat out has a seeds skin, sunflower child of, is Hou kitchen and spit crooked has's? to not effect mood, endure has, but took phone took has photos. for avoid suspected is malicious extortion hotel, I didn't again requirements back dish or price, full payment. but here to facts told everyone, such of things, out in a five-star hotel is too nausea. way on hotel room mention a views, shower room glass door following is empty of, led shower head spray of water outflowBathroom floor wet and recommended improvements.
  • e00187140
    It's OK
  • E01030697
    See online praise only, but very disappointing, General hotel facilities, room size small, window stickers from solar sheets, so blocking is very serious, the room is not very bright, and hardware facilities as well, sealed
  • cdanne
    Yingli hotels, buffet a big plus
  • rosejie
    Gather together.
  • Liu_Elaine
    Which is very nice
  • liangyu1314
    Location is easy, but going out to CCP is about two kilometers away. Good service, and occasionally a turndown, and fruits a day. Breakfast is rich in only a little strange is why only egg omelette is not filling.
  • cocoony
    First business trip to Baoding, a friend recommended this hotel, room was great, the service is in place, gym and breakfast was good
  • liuxingran110
    Without breakfast
  • e00682500
    Hotel entrance is black
  • wywlwxy
    The best is here
  • aurainna
    All right.
  • JoannaBin
    Very clean, great service, new hotel facilities. feeling good
  • jdragon
    Hardware on the tall, level of service need to be improved, especially the second floor restaurant
  • sinwind
    Is pretty good, not as good for breakfast, location
  • e02456941
    Transportation is very convenient and environmental health, especially the waiter service was OK, next time I have the opportunity to choose to live in this hotel
  • abcpjl
    Hotel lobby is very nice, the rooms are great, the bed was large. breakfast is unknown. overall was satisfactory. but I do not know what the so-called snack of Baoding City is next? and not a local snack of Baoding, also opened in Hotel focus zone. Baiyun bun, or to eat better to a local characteristic.
  • caomeiyu
    Are satisfied with the comfortable night good night milk sanitation
  • jpdell
    Doorman very helpful, great breakfast, everything else like Baoding, may have been on this level
  • dg181844
    First time staying in the Executive rooms, good facilities.
  • e00018761
    Rooms good, twice in a row have moved. highly recommended!
  • jerry_2366
    Very nice hotel, is not always set to
  • e00999522
    Listen to friends around is not very good, impeccable!
  • doudoucat
    Hotel is luxury, waiters are warm, eating snack city is convenient, there are food stalls in the evening, good, customer satisfaction, next time you subscribe here
  • Ms. Ng
    Excellent location slightly, do not match the standard of restaurants and five-star hotels.
  • ann_106
    The hotel belongs to the most elegant reception in the local hotel, offices in close proximity, and high speed rail station is convenient to the railway station, take a taxi outside the door is very convenient!
  • ncdxeva
    Good, recommended
  • wml739141400
    OK good
    Hotel rooms are spacious, clean, towels, soft and very comfortable to use, quality is also very satisfied with the slippers, can feel on the hotel service is the heart, even the toilets are sprinkled with flower petals. service quality is good.
  • e02125814
    Hotel is very nice, good breakfast, good service,
  • brucewl
    Hotel five star less nice. check-in quicker, has a lot of celebrity photos in the lobby. meals in General, in the dining room, very spacious.
  • lmj0718
    Very good, recommended
  • Benumut
    Hotels clean nice rooms very clean, price is OK, breakfast is not.
  • e00082632
    Energy-efficient hotel, Hotel Plaza on the string of lights too
  • e03775183
    That's good
  • Regina_xlj
    Nice, quiet.