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Baicaopan Yesanpo National Forest Park is one of six major scenic spots, known as the Taihang Mountains in the "Green Pearl" of the reputation of its peak elevation of 1983 meters, tall mountains bold, lush flowers and trees, chilly spring, waterfall hanging diarrhea, Air New cool, colorful seasons. Park, negative oxygen ions in the air as high as 551,923 per cubic centimeter, 126 times for the Beijing area, known as the "natural oxygen bar." ...[Detail]

Located in the southern end of North Street, Baoding, Hebei Province, also known as Mercy House, is the ancient city';s tallest building. It was built years, according to "Baoding Prefecture" contains, Song Chun Right Decade (1250) of Mongolia, Hebei things Daiji Court Road are built by Marshal Zhang soft. Daiji now reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty Court is rebuilt several times after the building burned. May 25, 2006, Daci Court as the ...[Detail]