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High-end banquet "cixin qiu - yun," way for electricity valley JiuZhou year celebration

Date: 2017-11-08

Autumn, is the breeding seasonAutumn is the season of harvestAutumn is the season of tasteFrom 2008 to 2017, electricity GuGuoJi hotel through the ups and downsAfter the wind and rain and hone todayWe invite you cixin qiu - yun tasting dinner together, sharing knowledge.

24 night, electricity valley JiuZhou years high-end banquet entertain guests, with "from time to time, don't feed" health concept, adopt "spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons change" as the guide, adhering to the "heritage of innovation" concept, would be a perfect fusion of Oriental art and western cooking techniques for the gluttonous diners present a substantial, reward, fusion cuisine.

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