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Upgrading electric valley | buffet on the tip of the tongue, also afraid can't satisfy your taste buds?

Date: 2017-07-08

Hungry climb in, stretched out wall
Is the highest state of buffet

People often say that tastes differ
But you can choose, enjoy the buffet
But it can let each customer find belongs to own delicious


Electric GuGuoJi hotel
On August 1,
Green valley cafe Italian buffet comprehensive upgrade
Monday to Sunday lunch
RMB 158 / person
Monday to Sunday dinner
RMB 188 / person
Boston lobster, Angus steaks, champagne and red wine




Both sour and sweet and delicious appetizer dishes
Or of crisp delicious seafood file type
Or the pure taste of Italian ham and cheese
Or aroma abounds in all kinds of dessert
Let's three points


/Salad bar/


Pineapple smoke duck breast potato salad, seafood salad, the waldorf salad
Italian cut pork meat, salad, bread pudding, palmer minister cheese
Italian black vinegar, olive oil, juice of method, Caesar

Crunchy fresh organic lettuce with imported Italian virgin olive oil, and natural sea salt, is to reposition the new chapter of a healthy diet.

/An appetizer/

Cold cold dish


Smoked salmon hors d 'oeuvres
Sichuan mouth-watering
Garlic notoginseng leaf


Satiated with meat smoked salmon, the entry immediately radiates extraordinary taste!

/European cheese/


O Gao Zhishi, Parmesan cheese, big Kong Zhishi
Red can dry cheese, motta cheese

"Cheese is power!"This is cheese lovers of wisdom, a cheese cake is cheese all the wonderful show incisively and vividly, while watching some thick, but very smooth, melt in your mouth, word of mouth.

/Japanese delicious cuisine/

Sushi and sashimi


Salmon, drunken blue, red and golden gun
Iceberg clam, octopus legs
Sushi platter

Original, fleshy, tighten the mackerel, full of beautiful things in eyes, direct stimulation of taste buds, let a person appetite.

/Seafood file /


Boston lobster
Alaska crab legs
The tiger crab

Boston lobster live in cold waters, meat is tender and meticulous, the product has high protein, have more green bay mouth, in addition to this South American red shrimp, scallop, etc all kinds of food that the version please hurry.

International food any small make up for you to open the door
Here you can unlimited taste
Meat cutting gear on Monday to Sunday every day all kinds of meat food

/Meat lovers/


Angus cattle eye flesh
Method cut lamb chops
French roast spring chicken

Invincible good taste of the meat of fish, on the tip of the tongue taste buds are rich full-bodied fragrance filled with meat

Grilled/file /


Sirloin steak, saury, French lamb chops
All kinds of seafood, many fish, bacon, spring lamb,
Squid, pork, chicken leg line

Iron plate zi zi immensity of meat and vegetables, after high temperature cooking, spices into the artificial food every inch of the skin texture, grilled gear of big satisfaction, is difficult to give other things, steak, pork chops...If there is any troubles are a steak, will not heal, that's two!

/The noodle shop/


Grains, fresh cut, potato powder

Lasagna, crisp sweet, salty, fresh spicy aroma, very occasionally.Plus the noodle shop other each kind of combination, instantly calms you stir the tip of the tongue, rich taste of multivariate.

/The Italian noodle shop/

Tomato pasta, meaty pasta


The scene make traditional pasta and sauce, tomato juice, butter, bacon three Italian sauce tastes pure arbitrary choice.

/Cantonese mee file/


Roast pork, roast gooseSausage, bacon, roast duck

Cantonese food taste light, delicate and delicious cooking, there is a great variety of dishes, especially mee, add unique sauce, make its meat is tender, the fire can still maintain its original after cooking.

Champagne worth 298 yuan
And 198 yuan import page d. red wine
The baxi ice cream
Round-the-clock unlimited taste
Boston lobster dinner an unlimited supply
Set more mysterious

Carefree time

Even a person's heart became more ripples
What better than this
At the moment
Look forward to working with you together to admire the taste...